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Ryan Bahar: An ETA and Aspiring Doctor: Why Not Be Both?

Ryan Bahar was a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant (ETA) at Klvaňa Gymnasium and Nursing High School in Kyjov. He spent the 2018/2019 school year developing English and critical thinking skills of hundreds of his students, meeting them in his afternoon "American Club," studying Czech language with a local friend, taking dance lessons with his students, and exploring community and cultural life in South Moravia. The Fulbright ETA Program offers American students, mostly recent graduates, to spend a year in a host country while assisting local teachers with English language education at high schools of all types. The variety of Czech high schools attracts American students with various academic backgrounds, host community engagement plans and future career aspirations. Ryan's motivation for the ETA grant was to: "...grow as a teacher so that I may one day deliver high-quality patient education and train the next generation of medical providers. As an ETA, I could ga