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Zobrazují se příspěvky z srpen, 2019

Jak si sbalit kufry na 10 měsíců na jiném kontinentu?

Přečtěte si příspěvek naší ETA (english teacher assistant) Courtney, která se balila na svůj roční pobyt v Českém Těšíně! Hello! Or in Czech, Dobrý den! I am happy to share that I have arrived safely in my new home for the next 10 months, Český Těšín, Czech Republic. I am currently writing at a little table in my apartment overlooking the garden and several colorful houses in the neighborhood after spending the afternoon exploring the Polish side of town. Since Český Těšín is located quite far from Prague (about a 4 hour train ride), I decided that it would be best to pack in one large suitcase and carry-ons. After learning the hard way at London Heathrow during my semester in England that lugging two big suitcases is exhausting, I knew that it would be better to pack light and buy things in the Czech Republic if needed.  My biggest piece of packing advice is to lay out  everything  that you want to pack in one central area. I set up a folding table and in the two weeks pr