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2012-13 U.S. Fulbrighters Comment On Their Experience

At the end of their stay in the Czech Republic, Fulbright grantees are required to submit a Final Report where they reflect on their experience. Here is an excerpt from these Final Reports from the academic year 2012-13.  The comments can be also found in our Annual Report . U.S. Fulbright students conducting research in the Czech Republic have to cope with a number of cultural differences and a challenging language setting. Anna Adler conducting research on puppet theater at the Academy of Performing Arts in 2012/13 found people here somewhat depressed at first sight attributing it to a post-Communist, post‐Soviet ‘greyness’:  “I am still not used to how reserved, unaffected, and unemotional some people are. Yet this has also taught me a lot about myself, and my own social graces. I have learned that sometimes it is good to be more restrained, more quiet, more polite – a useful exercise for me, as I very often feel like the loud American, saying whatever comes to my

David Alfaro: The Liberal Arts Education - Fostering the 21st Century Intellectual in All of Us

Americký pojem "liberal arts" a s ním související "liberal arts college" je pro české studenty zajímající se o studium v USA často velmi nejasný. Poprosili jsme proto našeho amerického stážistu Davida, který je studentem jedné ze škol "liberal arts", konkrétně Bates College v Mainu, aby se pokusil vysvětlit, co studium na takové škole obnáší.  What exactly is a “liberal arts” school, is the question stipulated by many students deciding where to apply and even parents debating where to ship off their students for four years. A liberal arts school involves an “approach to learning that prepares students to deal with complexity, diversity, and change at any given time of their life. It provides students with broad knowledge of the wider world as well as in-depth study in a specific area of interest or major,”(AAC & U 2013) in an academically conducive environment. As a senior at Bates College, a liberal arts school in New England ranked as