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Zobrazují se příspěvky z prosinec, 2013

Mariel Tavakoli: Cultural Observer

This weekend was jam packed with Czech culture and I truly felt immersed in life here. Starting with Friday, I helped out with my school’s “Open House” by teaching an optional English lesson for students. A surprising number showed up and I tried to make it fun by teaching about Thanksgiving.  We learned some history, competed for who could make the most words out of the letters of Thanksgiving themed words, and made handprint turkeys on which we wrote what we were thankful for.  As teachers and prospective students cycled in and out I was proud to be representing the school and making English fun for the students (It might have helped that I gave them candy throughout the lesson).  At one point, one student asked me, “Don’t you mind being a spectacle on display all the time?”  Sometimes it feels strange to be such a novelty in this small town and hold a mild celebrity status, but overall I am appreciative of the friendliness and eagerness of the people here to accept me