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Fulbrightista v USA: Jak najít školu pro své děti? Sdílíme článek naší absolventky Hany Kolesové Your kids will probably go to public schools, which are free of charge(unlike private schools, where you need to pay tuition).  There are huge differences in quality of public schools in the USA in various town districts or towns.  If having kids, living (renting a house or appartment) in good school district is beside the commuting distance to work main important thing to consider. For you similarly as for the US citizens this is the main criteria for finding a rental place, so school rating and school boundaries are oftern link together on the home rental websites.  Every public school in USA is rated from 1-10 (10 highest) score. The scores are saying how good is the school in particular state. The score reflects the scores in read, math and science, but it also reflects how the students are making progress and how the school is able to incorporate various n