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Adam Spanier: A Very Czech Christmas

This year I spent my first Christmas away from home. And I feel like everyone in my entire town was aware of it: "Oh, you're not going home?" "Are you going to eat dinner by yourself?" "Will you be okay?" "Maybe I can ask my mom if you can come over for dinner..?" Alas, don't worry. I survived. Before I get into the details of it all, I'd like to enlighten you with the knowledge of some interesting Czech Christmas traditions (warning: I'm going to generalize a lot. Not ALL Czech people do all of these things, there are obviously variations, differences, etc...): 1. They celebrate Saint Nicholas on December 5th. However, Mikuláš (St. Nick) doesn't come alone. He brings both a devil and an angel with him. If you were a good kid, the angel will give you candy. If you were bad, the devil will put you in his bag and take you away. Yup. Scary. An angel, a devil, and St. Nicholas 2. Christmas is on th