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Kevin Curran: The Election ‘Gameshow’ and an Astute Audience Abroad

Kevin Curran arrived in Prague,  Czech Republic in September 2019 to complete a master's degree in International Economics and Politics at Charles University as a Fulbright student. After finishing his research project "Free Press: A Study of Media Ownership and Youth Perspective" and his Fulbright grant, Kevin decided to stay. Currently, Kevin works at the Association for International Affairs (AMO) as a PR and Project Assistant focusing on China and Russia as well as a Visiting Fellow at the International Sustainable Finance Centre as he continues to work on his master's degree. In this article, Kevin, who previously worked as a journalist for The Financial Times, shares his experience following the U.S. presidential election in a foreign country.   Photo 1: Kevin hikes to Maj lookout, Central Bohemia, July 2020. As late night television shows are often eager to display with impromptu street interviews, Americans often know little about their own civic processes. Th
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Hana Ripková: 30 let s Fulbrightovou komisí

Hana Ripková byla u založení Fulbrightovy komise před 30 lety a již 25 let organizaci vede. Do USA "na zkušenou" vycestovalo přibližně 1000 českých stipendistů a podobný počet Američanů naopak přijel do České republiky. Hlavním cílem Fulbrightových programů, které dnes fungují ve více než 160 zemích světa, je posilování vzájemného porozumění mezi USA a partnerskými zeměmi. Jak se v čase proměňují motivy Čechů a Američanů vycestovat na několik měsíců za oceán? Jak programy proměňují stipendisty? A co vedlo absolventku Matematicko-fyzikální fakulty k práci pro Fulbright? Rozhovorem s ředitelkou Fulbrightovy komise Hanou Ripkovou zahajujeme seriál rozhovorů k 30. výročí Fulbrightovy komise. Videa a texty připravujeme ve spolupráci s platformou Vědátor . Videozáznamy najdete každou první středu v měsíci na našem YouTube kanále a Facebooku , a sice za zvuku zkoušky sirén, přesně v poledne. V pátek Vám nabídneme částečný přepis rozhovoru i zde, na našem blogu. S Hanou Ripkovou hov

Fulbright Teaching Excellence Training Just in Time

Zdeňka Zvoníčková teaches English and Italian language at Gymnazium Tišnov. During the last school year, Zdeňka was one of the four high school teachers, who represented the Czech Republic at the six-week Fulbright Teaching Excellence and Achievement (TEA) training program in the U.S. Together with a colleague from Děčín Nursing School, Zdeňka returned home in the middle of March, few hours before Czech borders closed as a result of the pandemic outbreak. Coincidentally, the U.S. training came in very handy when Czech high schools suddenly closed down, and education moved to the online world. Dear readers, I am a Fulbright TEA alumna and I would like to dedicate these few lines to my experience at Kent State University, where I participated in a training program on media literacy and critical thinking during last spring. I would like to share how I managed to implement what I had learnt at the training into my lessons and how I passed it on. It was a special time in my life, which bri

What It’s Like to Get Tested for Covid-19 in Czech Republic + How This Brno Café Is Raising Awareness

Chloe' Skye  is a Word Magician and avid traveler who served as a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant at Gymnázium Tišnov from 2014-2015. Originally from New York, Chloe' has also taught ESL in the U.S. and Israel, and while she currently lives in Denmark, she considers Czech Republic her second home. Her sustainability writing and creative work has been published in Earth911, Pangyrus LitMag, Standart Mag, Hanging Loose, and more. She records her adventures on travel, culture, and language blog  Chlohemian . This is an adapted version of a Chlohemian post that originally appears here . All photos are used with the author, Chloe’ Skye’s, permission. When the pandemic hit Europe in early March, Czech Republic took proactive steps against Covid-19 transmission, including a national movement to sew and wear masks called Celé Česko šije . Since Monday, October 5th, however, the country has gone back to a state of emergency due to the intensity of the second wave of the novel cor

ETA Alumna Teal Vickrey: Home Alone

Teal Vickrey was an English Teaching  Teal during her time in the CR Assistant in 2016/2017 at Gymnasium Vimperk, located in South Bohemia, on the edge of Šumava National Park. During her time in Vimperk, Teal hosted a weekly writing club, encouraged her students to participate in a national writing competition, helped her students to put together a journal with original poems and short stories, and assisted a student with the translation of her comic book. Today, Teal works at a non-profit that focuses on youth leadership. Her organization switched to home-office mode in the middle of March. During the last six months, Teal has adopted similar coping strategies that she learned during her time in the Czech Republic in order to maintain her well-being. A few weeks ago, a friend of mine, also a former Czech English Teaching Assistant, mentioned how much her year as an ETA had prepared her for working at home. An outsider listening (luckily there were none), would have assumed that our t