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Adam Spanier: A Very Czech Christmas

This year I spent my first Christmas away from home. And I feel like everyone in my entire town was aware of it:
"Oh, you're not going home?" "Are you going to eat dinner by yourself?" "Will you be okay?" "Maybe I can ask my mom if you can come over for dinner..?"
Alas, don't worry. I survived.
Before I get into the details of it all, I'd like to enlighten you with the knowledge of some interesting Czech Christmas traditions (warning: I'm going to generalize a lot. Not ALL Czech people do all of these things, there are obviously variations, differences, etc...):
1. They celebrate Saint Nicholas on December 5th. However, Mikuláš (St. Nick) doesn't come alone. He brings both a devil and an angel with him. If you were a good kid, the angel will give you candy. If you were bad, the devil will put you in his bag and take you away. Yup. Scary.
2. Christmas is on the 24th. Not the 25th.
3. Czech people (usually) put up their Christmas tree o…